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In order to fully understand the fitting process, we must tell a story about you from many different angles. 

Below is a video which fully explains our process.  Below this video includes a series of photos showing step by step our process as well.

Giving Back

1. tell us  about your feet , any complications? stress?

2. lets inspect your older shoes, see what they tell us.

3. lets watch you walk and see what your gait is  like

4. now it's time to measure your feet, our device will show us what you number is and what impression you have.

5. lets bring out some shoes for you to try.

6. let's compare shoes and let us explain the differences

7. we will give you other advice, stretching, stride
improvements if needed.

8. we will answer your questions.

What to look for a good fit!


Did you know that over counter orthopedics can be modified? 

Yes that can and we know how, if you have an over counter insert orthotic and want more tailored let us know, bring them in. 

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