What is UN Foot Systems? 

It was created here at Route 16 to help treat foot fatigue and specifically Plantar Fascia ache and stress.

By simply treating your feet kindly on a daily basis with massage and stretching your feet will thank you and therefore your daily work days more enjoyable.  No one is immune to foot pain! 

Be kind to your feet.


We have two main products:

1. the UN Foot board     -   $45

2. the UN Sport Lace coming soon . (updated :12-4-20)


Plantar Fascia stress or Heel stress or Achilles stress:


First:  Ice until numb at stress area, on/ off using an ice pack or ice directly until numb.

Second: Roll over golf ball as see in picture to warm up

Third:  Deep tissue massage, use corners of board.  start at heel and very slowly move side to side and massage

towards the ball of foot.  the key is to have good pain and stretch the fascia.  Professional use a butter knife like device or wooden device

Fourth: Stretch, Stretch and stretch.  try to do this in the evenings.

Don't forget!    NO bare foot walking on hard surfaces or shoes to small or to narrow. Try walking bare feet on soft grass!