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Well used shoe! time to replace!

Non defect, this is wear and tear, majority of runners and walkers do this to heel edge. 

Non defect:
If footwear is bought outside of our expertise suggestions such as this shoe that is to narrow and to small in length.
this pair can only be returned within 30 days but in new condition..  


                                                                 ROUTE 16 RUNNING AND WALKING STORE RETURN POLICY

                                                                                              30 DAY RETURN POLICY

We understand that every foot is structured differently and not every shoe will fit individual’s needs perfectly, therefore we want you to have the best experience and knowledge at the purchase of your shoes.  We will recommend often a few shoes to compare and once a footwear style is decided upon, we will do our best to customize it to your foot.  These are additional but optional services such as relacing, foam fillers, lifts, and others. These options are to help customize the shoe as a complimentary service.

*Once the product leaves the store it is now warranted for the 30 days.

Shoes may be returned for reasons of a defect or simply not a good fit (the fit should meet our standards)

If you don't feel 100% satisfied at time of purchase, we recommend you wear the product inside home to make sure. You now have 30 days to return. 


Managers have the right to close accounts if it is determined that customer is taking advantage of our return policy by continuously returning shoes or accessories do to using or abusing product (i.e scraping shoe on other surfaces or self-scraping on one on other shoe, leaving footwear in hot environments and it causes ungluing or contorted). 


We recommend that you try footwear inside home if you feel you need time on the shoe to be 100% certain it works for you.

Footwear that is used outside its engineering design cannot be returned, i.e landscaping, construction or any other extreme environment.  This footwear is to assist in health development. 

It is considered a tool to help with anyone who has an active lifestyle with the idea that the life span of these shoes can be between 4 to 8 months if used properly and biomechacally not influenced by one self infsufficient movements (i.e scaping shoe against self or other material).

 If the tool is used in an extreme case, i.e treadmill, gravel roads etc (if it's a road shoe or multi tail shoe) There are too many factors that go into wear and tear and durability of tech shoes.  As noted below!


if product is recommended by staff and it is used and is a defect, return with in 30 days:  if product is bought, used and was a recommendation from other sources, it will be to our discretion if returned or swapped.  

*If product is bought for a gift and is unused, return within 30 days for refund or swap. (if exceeds 30 days, please call ahead so we can make note on charts to extend date warranty)


it is our policy that we fit and recommend our products based on our experience since we are trained to learn as much about it.  we come to these conclusions by learning about how it will be used and how it will work with other tools such as shoes, terrain etc.  for this reason, we will offer the 30 day warranty     

                                                                                                         Footwear Policy

Examples of defective product we accept within the 30 day policy:

  1. Foam unglued from outsole, will swap out for same shoe or refund it. if swapped for same shoe and same issue occurs then this product will not work for you.  we must look at another shoe or product.  only if same occurrence happens. could be mechanical or simply not a good match for you.   

  2. Rubbing of seam or material on skin causing irritation. manufacture error in gluing or stitching.

  3. Compounds compressing rather quickly (within warranty period)- In rare cases a mid sole compound compresses  too quickly. 


Examples of non-defective non returnable footwear after 30 days

-Foot or limbs hurt after 30-day policy  

-Toe punctures fabric on toe box mesh, this is self inflict not a shoe flaw.  (suggestion is go with gortex or something more leather) mesh is soft and designed for stretch and breathing not to hold up against toe poking and tearing it. 

-Foam in heel counter pushed down (re-lace shoes every time you put the on) heel counter foam doesn't just fall from gravity, unlaces shoes every time to put on.

-Form of exercise does not meet footwear abilities.  If you buy footwear for walking (road), running (road), treadmill etc. and you use it for trail running, warehouse work environment, construction work and other demanding environment. 

-Footwear sizing is important, if footwear is selected too small, too big, too narrow by individual. we recommend 1/4 inch at minimum to allow plantar fascia to expand back and forth.  must return with in 30 days for better size and width based on our recommendation. 

got dirty to quick.

-Did not like the color after purchase (must be returned with 30 day warranty) (in new condition)

-Heel outsole rubbed down (almost everyone does this, normal wear and tear but in some cases, some have unique heel impact that causes wear and tear quicker, not a defect but rather mechanical from the stride)

-Midsole grinding down from self-striking another shoe or scraping against an object, not a defect rather mechanical.

-If you add custom orthotics on top of another heel pads the shoe will slip up/down on Achilles. Fabric tears inside heel, not a defect.


-Side Note:  Please do not leave shoes in hot environments, heaters, hot vehicle etc.  this will cause ungluing of shoe. not a defect.

  • Run/Walk specialty footwear are designed to give you the most comfort possibility for roughly 4 to 7 months with many factors involved in durability (weather, work environment, exercise environment and other.  These shoes are designed to help with biomechanics to help you perform best in normal walk/run exercise.   This does not mean a person cannot’ get a full 12 months it just depends on person and how it is used and environment.

  • One reason they are super light and comfortable is to ensure all factors are considered, stability, cushion, and shock.  For these three to work together they must be designed to last a limited certain amount of time.  Every style is different.


Thank you for your understanding. 


Route 16 running and walking management


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