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New Years Day               CLOSED

Labor Day                       9 to 1pm

Easter Day                      (CALL FOR HOURS, SOME YEARS OPEN FOR HALF DAY)

Fourth of July                 (CALL FOR HOURS, SOME YEARS OPEN FOR HALF DAY)

Thanks Giving Day        CLOSED COMPLETELY

Christmas Day                CLOSED  (Christmas eve closed early, call for details)

                                                   How to find us:
From Bremerton take city center exit, take left on Wollochet at light, then take right on Kimball dr.  Route 16 is on left just past Great Car Wash under Snuffins Catering.

From Tacoma take city center exit (or Wollochet). Take a right at light on Pioneer, then immediate right on Kimball.  Route 16 is on left side just past Great Car Wash under Snuffins Catering

Miguel Galeana

“Esta es mi vida”.  In the Spanish language this means this is my
life.  As a child I came with my family from the barren regions of southern
Mexico plains.  We came, the seven of us, with nothing but the clothes on
our back.  It is said that desperation is the best motivator, and I have
found this to be true.  In Grade school, elementary school and High school,
when other children where playing games I was working in the forest to help
support my family.  We planted trees, picked mushrooms, salal, berries,
moss and fern to survive, still, with seven mouths to feed there was never
I vowed to do better.  I worked hard in school and
got good grades, but my real opportunity came  at Hoquiam  Middle
School.   All the hard physical labor I did as a child transformed me
into a skilled and muscular athlete.  I joined the school track team and I
knew I had found a way out.  I was introduced to PEAKING by my coach
in Middle school.  


There I learned the importance of being consistent, patient
and attentive to my goals.  That year our goal to specifically peak at the
district meet to break an old record of 4:47 in the mile, I trained hard and met
that goal.  This approached worked and  I took it to  the high
school level.  In high school I won 4 state track championships at
Lincoln Bowl and one cross country championship in Pasco, gaining national

By this time my father managed a crew in the forest thinning
industry so I would put in a full day of logging and planting trees and then run
the five miles in dirt roads.  It was hard work, but it paid off. 
This was my ticket out, a full ride running scholarship to Montana State

At MSU  I continued  to succeed with the same  philosophy, winning Five Conference Championships  which included the 1500m (2x), 3000m steeplechase (8:39), indoor mile (4:01) and one cross country
championship.  This would earn Two All-American honors in the 3000m
SteepleChase at the NCAA Division IA  championships. 

As an Asics sponsored athlete for 6 years I was privileged to have run and
competed in many road races  and national cross country championships. 
Road races included  Marathons, Half Marathons (1:07), 10k (30:10 road) and
8k (24:08).  As an Asics athlete it was also an avenue for me to to learn the biomechanics trade.

I was lucky to meet and travel all over the states to give my own opinion on footwear and see for my own 

eyes other footwear technologies from other vendors.   

Today I fortunate to still be involved in some small role in other designs including over counter orthotics.

After MSU  I would end up Working one year at Super Jock and Jill in
Seattle  where I got addicted to the lifestyle of running.  After the
one year I opted to go south and work at the local running store in
Olympia,  South Sound Running would be my home for the next 8 years.

Most recent in 2010 I was privileged enough to be inducted in the Hall of
Fame in Bozeman, Montana  as a member of the 1993 Montana State Univeristy
Cross Country Team and as an individual alum.   I have lived an amazing
life from my village days to my new life in Gig Harbor, I hope to continue
to provide a service that is unmatched. 

Today I do what I enjoy most, own my running store in Gig Harbor, WA.  
My  mission today  is to continue to TEACH, ADVISE  and
EDUCATE  the sport  that has been  so great to
me.    Thank you for your support.




Alexa M . G  -

 Inspiring person, motivator and founder of Dirty Girls Trail Runners.  Congratulation to Alexa  for a new chapter  in her life.  As of March 2015  Alexa  opened  a very successful  MASSAGE business.  Deep Roots  Therapeutic   Massage  is open and going strong.. Congrats.  

Jeff B -

Race Management - Coordinator  - True inspiration of the sport, been involved for over 30years with running in one way or another.  Founder of Custom Race System and Co-director of Race for a soldier.



Jillian P . E-

 Route 16 welcomes Jillian to our NW running family.  Jillian is a top (10) Triathlete on the circuit and comes with a full knowledge of our sport of running and triathlons.  Come say hello ..  You can find Jill at the Club  as well where she is a coach and personal trainer







Welcome to the team Logan.  Logan comes to Route 16 as a senior track and cross country specialist.  we are fortunate to have a great team leader as part of our staff.  We wish Logan and his team the best this season. 











We also welcome this year Len, this is one of the most experienced employees to ever grace our floors.  Len and miguel worked together way back in late 90's.  since then, Len operated his own shoe specialty store up in Kirkland.  We are incredibly lucky to have to have him on board.  His time alone in the industry is enough to say you are in great hand with Len. 


Ryan E

welcome to our team, we are very fortunate to have Ryan on board team 16.  dedicated to his education in Physical Therapy we are lucky to have. 









We are lucky to have to have a great mentor and coach here at Route 16.  Cameron is a soccer coach and is one of the great minds out there.  What makes Cameron great is that he is constantly asking questions regarding bettering his athletes the right way and that is what you want in a great leader. His expereience with youth athletes is un measured.  

​Dawn B. -

my savior at Route 16- My bookkeeper is what makes us go and we are very lucky to have her

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