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Est: 2008
Pierce and Kitsap County #1 specialty  run walk footwear and over counter orthopedics

                                                                        Spring Sports are back!______

*We have inserts for those soccer cleats, basketball shoes, court shoes and any other shoe that has no arch are heel support.
*We have ASICS Youth K (kindergarten sizes)  --  PS (pre school)  --  GS (grade school) -- size note, girls grade school size to women's adult size is about 1 size different:  i.e if you are a girls size 3.5 you could wear about a women's size 5 adult.  Boys size go from GS sizes to adult men straight through, no conversions needed.

*We have sprint, middle (all purpose) and distance spikes for track season.  Mostly have Brooks, Hoka and New Balance. 

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